Special Thanks For Merry Christmas To You!

What do you do when you have a song stuck in your head - both melody and lyrics - but you can't sing (not beyond the shower stall) and can't really play it (those middle school violin lessons only go so far)? 

Since I'm just starting out and Beyonce is not yet knocking on my door to sing my songs, I had to compromise and come up with plan B. 

Plan B:

  • Step 1 - Find someone who could take that virtual melody bouncing around in my head (using a combination of humming and a not-so-great singing rendition of it) and turn it into an actual melody that you can hear.
  • Step 2 - Find a singer who can sing it (and not butcher it like I did with my clumsy attempt). 

So I tried Fiverr. 

And I struck gold! 

My step 1 was finding a beat maker. I found LazuardiMusic ! He did an amazing job taking my 2D melody and turning it into a 3D masterpiece full of beautiful richness. He made sure to use not only my melody but also my lyrics to make it flow beautifully. If you are ever looking for someone to help you with something like this, I highly recommend him! 

Once I had the music, I then turned my attention to Step 2 - finding a vocalist. 

I really lucked out when I found Leslie Carron ! She has the most amazing voice. She absolutely nailed it the first time and I can't imagine anyone else singing this. Leslie is so talented it's only a matter of time before she's discovered and I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her! 

Thank you both Lazuardi and Leslie and I am looking forward to the next chance to collaborate with you both! 

Loh Balli

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